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A History Of The Teddy Bear
What is it about the teddy bear?

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Just why is the Teddy Bear such an enduring symbol of love, comfort and affection?

When a toy such as this lasts for more than a century, there has just got to be a reason.

But what is it about the teddy bear that makes it a lasting symbol in western society?

America's affair with the teddy bear began in the fall (autumn) of 1902 when the then US President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt went on a bear hunting trip in the Southern United States and refused to shoot a captive bear.

Washington Post cartoonist Clifford Berryman depicted the bear incident in a cartoon and soon toy and novelty makers started creating the toy bears in a wide variety of styles.

Quickly the Roosevelt bear and Teddys Bear became the teddy bear and a president's hunting trip became the catalyst for an industry that spans the entire Western world.

Today, an estimated 2.5 million Americans collect teddy bears.

Bears seem to have a personality that is safe, comforting and cuddly. Little boys are allowed to love and cuddle teddy bears, where they have been culturally conditioned not to play with dolls

Children, especially girls, tend to keep their teddy bears and if they don't, their mothers often do.

The teddy bear is a social and cultural leveler that crosses class, religious and even national boundaries.

The teddy bear is a socially acceptable security blanket that transcends gender, age and nationality.

People sometimes imagine that teddy bears inhabit an idealised world of tenderness and comfort, without danger, to which we can escape, even if only for a brief period.

Bears are amazingly popular on greeting cards not only because they are familiar and friendly but also because people can express their thoughts and feelings through teddy bears in a way that they might not be able to say for themselves.

On cards for children, for political statements, for innocent flirting, for expressing loneliness, the teddy bear has been there for nearly nine decades, safe and familiar.

Bears have always been top sellers for greeting cards, gift wrapping and baby products and even entire product lines have been devoted to teddy bears.

Teddy Bears were given out at the World Trade Center after the events of 9/11.

So - just what is it about the Teddy Bear?

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Hermann, Hermann Speilwaren, Gebruder Hermann, Hermann Teddy Original 
Jimmy Kennedy who wrote the words to the song Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Teddy Bears’ Picnic music by John W Bratton and the lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy

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