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Teddy Bear History

Arctophily is the scientific term for teddy bear collecting - from arctos for bear and philos for love.

The history of the teddy bear is a lovely story from President Teddy Roosevelt refusing to shoot a captive bear to Morris Michtom and his wife creating what is now accepted as the first of the modern ‘Teddys’ Bear. 

...and then there is the great song”Teddy Bears Picnic” which we all know from our childhood.

R.P. circa 2002 by Janet Changfoot of South Aprica - BBAA Award Nominee.The rivalry with the German toy maker Steiff, the rise of many great teddy bear manufacturers such as Bing, Chad Valley, Chiltern, Deans, Farnell, Grisly Speilwaren, Gund, Hermann, Merrythought, Shuco and on to Wendy Boston, who made the first washable bear in the new washing machine era, and on to the modern bear makers such Janet Changfoot of South Africa, and then, there is the great song The Teddy Bears’ Picnic by John W Bratton of the USA with the words by Jimmy Kennedy of Ireland which we all know from our childhood - the music and words or lyrics are here.
 The modern hobby of collecting and Bear Artists making handmade and unique collectible bears bears is thought to have started again at a definite point - check out the Teddy Timeline it might surprise you... enjoy exploring...

...however, where the name “Teddy Bear” came from is undisputed - President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

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Where it all started...
There are two versions of where the idea of a fur teddy bear toy started but where it got its name from is undisputed - US President...

The ongoing story...
Notable information for Teddy Bear Toys over the years ...

Justin by HM Bears from the My Old Bears CollectionTeddy Bear Timeline... 
A brief timeline of teddy bear history from 1834 onwards ...

Teddy Bear People...  
Some of the people in teddy bear world that have made a difference ...

Teddy Bear Identification 
A brief primer on how to start identifying your teddy bear

Lyrics to the Teddy Bears Picnic...
The lyrics and music to the ever popular song The Teddy Bears’ Picnic -- “If you go down to the woods today”...

Jimmy Kennedy ...
Some interesting facts about the man who wrote the words for this ever popular song ...

Teddy Bears’ Picnic interesting facts 
Did you know that the word picnic probably entered the English language from ...

Teddy Bear Love 
Just what is it about the Teddy Bear that we so love?

Elvis Presley - Teddy Bear / Loving You Lyrics - Released 1957

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Alphabetical Listings...
Wendy Boston
Boyds Bears
John W Bratton
Chad Valley 
Janet Changfoot
Deans Rag Book Company
Grisly Speilwaren 
Gund The American giant 
Hermann, Hermann Speilwaren, Gebruder Hermann, Hermann Teddy Original 
Jimmy Kennedy who wrote the words to the song Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Teddy Bears’ Picnic music by John W Bratton and the lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy

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