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 Teddy Bear Making Skill Centre
Sewing Up Your Teddy Bear

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If you are sewing your teddy bear by machine, make sure you have good quality cotton in a colour that matches the fabric. You may find it necessary to use a ‘leather’ needle if you are using suede for the paw pads.

Make sure the tension on the machine is not too tight and that the stitches are neither too small nor too large. It is a good idea to use some fragments of your material to check that the machine is set properly before you start sewing also make sure that the presser foot on your machine is correctly adjusted for your fabric. If it is too tight, the fabric will move out of alignment during sewing and you will not get an even finish. If it is too loose you will not be able to control the feeding properly. 

It is advisable to either pin or tack the pieces (some people suggest that you over sow the edges) together first before final sewing, whether you are sewing your bear by hand or by machine. Hand tack areas such as the muzzle and the footpads.

Seam allowances are usually 7-8 mm (or about a quarter inch), unless the pattern says otherwise. If stitching by hand use backstitch or reverse stitching for seams using a doubled thread. 

Whichever method you choose, it is important that you do your best not to trap any of the fur in the seams.

TIP… If your fabric has a tendency to fray, try ‘fray stop’ on the seams

Remember to leave a gap to enable you to stuff the part. On the arms and legs, leave the gap on the upper front or back seam. 

Remember to insert the joints in the arms and legs before you stuff them. 

If you draw a piece of thread through the point you marked for the joints, leaving about an inch (25 mm) sticking out on either side of the fabric, this will enable you to locate the joint positions after sewing up. The thread can be easily removed after you have inserted the joints.

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