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 Teddy Bear Making Skill Centre
Laying Out Patterns and Cutting Fabrics

 The Skill Centre< Pattern Layout and Cutting

Before laying out your teddy bear pattern, and definitely before cutting your fabric, it makes good sense to read the instructions on the pattern right through. This will help you to understand the steps you need to take or any special instructions.

Copying your pattern onto cardboard or OHP film will make the pattern easier to use and it also keeps the original in good condition so it can be used again.

Make sure you have duplicates of all the pieces you need. The pattern tells you when to reverse pieces and how many of these you may need.

Make sure that you have marked the direction of the nap on the reverse side of the material and that the arrows on the pattern are pointing in the same direction - then lay out all the bears body pieces on the reverse side of the material.

To get the most economical use of the fabric, you may need to try different layouts, then draw around the pattern pieces using a soft pencil or fine marking pen, making certain that you accurately transfer the joint locating marks.

Double check that you have marked the correct number of pieces and where necessary, that they have been reversed. Remember, the mohair is expensive – measure twice - check twice – cut once!

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Now check again that the fabric is lying in the right direction – one half of the chest running upwards and one half running downwards – is not a good idea. Even the best or most experienced of us make this mistake occasionally!

Using small sharp pointed scissors cut out the pieces. It is advisable to remove the fur on the seam allowance of all the pieces. This helps to aviod trapping fur in the seams when you are sewing up. It is a tedious part of the preparation but it will give a better finish to your seams.

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Keep the scissors point up under the backing of the material. This will ensure that you are only cutting the backing and not the pile.

Paw Pads

Using ultra suede, suede or felt, cut out the paw pad and footpads as shown by the pattern. Remember to check your pattern. You may need to reverse a paw pad from your pattern so that they end up as left or right handed.

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