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Love Spoon Symbols

A gift of love or affection, Love Spoons are used for many occasions where romance is in the air, from engagements to weddings, anniversaries to birthdays, friendship or valentine, christenings and even farewell or parting gifts and unique Christmas and Easter presents.

The saying “To Spoon” or “Spooning” with the meaning of To kiss and cuddle and behave affectionately may have started with Welsh Love Spoons

Extended List of common symbols found on spoons today

The Love Spoon LS13 from the CymruTed Love Spoon Collection
The Love Spoon LS13 from the CymruTed Love Spoon Collection

A padlocksymbolThe Padlock
Here the promise is of faithfulness - I will stay in a One to One relationship, nobody else will steal my heart or may possibly have the meaning of I have locked it against all intruders.

A heart symbolThe Heart
The heart or multiple hearts represent love and affection and could also have the meaning of My heart is yours or I offer my heart to you.

A key or 2 keys symbolThe Keys
These go with the padlock - my heart is locked up for you or locked together with yours and could also have the meaning of I give you the key(s) to my heart or even a modern I offer you the key to my house - come and live with me!

A wheel symbolThe Wheel
Here the modern meaning is to steer a safe course through our lives together or to guide our lives together on a safe course. In the old times, the wheel (found on the farm cart) would also go with a spade to give a meaning of ‘I will provide or I will work hard.

The comma symbolThe Comma or Commas
The Comma represents the soul and has the meaning of Deep or Great Affection towards the recipient.

The bell symbolThe Bell
This symbol shows that the giver desires to hear the happy sound of wedding bells or - if the object of love has said “yes”, then to celebrate a forthcoming wedding.

2 spoons with 2 heartsThe Two Spoons with Embedded Hearts
A happy loving couple. The spoon itself speaks of “providing” while the hearts say “I love you”. Two spoons with hearts could be saying “We will be together, loving and providing for each other”

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It is generally accepted that certain designs found on Welsh or Celtic Love Spoons have specific meanings. Many carvers invented their own symbols (and still do so), possibly through lack of education but it should be remembered that the saying “A picture represents a thousand words” may be appropriate. Although it is not comprehensive this list contains some of the most common symbols found on spoons today.

  • ANCHOR - A settled love, eternal devotion and security
  • BELL - Together in Harmony - Happiness, Wedding or Anniversary
  • BALL IN CAGE - Love held safe, or, Number of children desired
  • BIRDS - Love birds, or, Lets go away together
  • CASTLE - Used to represent Wales
  • CHAIN - A wish to be together forever, or, Number of children
  • COMMA SHAPE - Soul
  • CROSS - Faith in Jesus, or, A wish for God to bless
  • DAFFODIL - Used to represent Wales
  • DIAMOND - Wealth or Good fortune
  • DOUBLE SPOONS - A couple together forever
  • FLOWERS - Blossoming love/Courtship
  • HARP - The music and song of Wales
  • HEART - Love/My heart is yours
  • HEART Double - Steadfast Love/sharing the same feelings for each other
  • HORSESHOE - Good luck
  • KEY - Key to the heart
  • KEYHOLE - My door is open or, I will look after you
  • KNOT WORK - Eternal love, or, Together forever
  • LEAVES - Growing Love/Love Evergreen
  • LINKS - Lives linked together, or, Lives intertwined
  • LOCK - Security, or, I will look after you
  • MAP - Represents Wales - in a direct way
  • SPADE - Willingness to work and provide
  • SPLIT BOWL - Sharing
  • TWISTED STEM - To live and become as one, or Togetherness
  • WHEEL/SHIPS WHEEL - Promise to stay on a safe course/steering a safe course

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