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A History Of The Teddy Bear
Hermann Bears

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Teddy Bear History > Hermann


Hermann Teddy Bears

The Hermann teddy bears now come from three modern German companies but the history of these companies create some considerable (no, read massive!) confusion.

The original company founders, Artur, his then wife Adelheid and brother Max, formed Artur Hermann Plusch Spielwaren Fabrik.

You can see here the words Plush Fabric, which indicate that these were mohair or silk fabric teddy bears.

The word ‘Speilwaren’ can be translated as ‘Play Goods’.

In the 1920’s, after the first world war, some major changes occurred to the Hermann brands. Artur and his new wife Ida formed a new company called J Hermann Nachf. Inf. Artur Hermann.

One of Artur’s sons, Bernard, formed ‘Be-Ha’ which later became Gebuder Hermann KG, which trades under the name of Hermann Teddy Original.

Another of Artur’s sons, Max, created a company called Max Hermann. After his son joined the company, this became Max Hermann & Sonn.

This company changed its name after the second world war to become Hermann-Speilwaren GmbH and now trades under the name Hermann-Speilwaren.

Confused - we certainly were so, lets try again...

Artur Hermann Plusch Spielwaren Fabrik... The original company started by Artur Hermann, his wife Anelheid and his brother Max. Later, in the 1920’s, Artur Hermann formed a company called J Hermann Nachf. Inf. Artur Hermann with his then wife Ida.

Hermann-Speilwaren was also formed in the 1920’s by Artur’s son Max 

Gebruder-Hermann was a company which traded under the name of ‘Be-Ha’ and was started by another son of Artur Hermann, called Bernard and now trades under the name of Hermann Teddy Original.

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Got it? if so, well done! So here is the info...

Artur Hermann Plusch Spielwaren Fabrik

In 1913 Artur founded a teddy bear making firm with his sister Adelheid and brother Max.

Around 1920, Artur moved to Sonneberg to begin his own company which in the late 1920’s became known as J Hermann Nachf. Inf. Artur Hermann.

The company continued to make teddy bears under this name until 1954 when it was sold to Anker Plush Toys in Munich, Germany.

Gebruder Hermann

Bernard Hermann, son of Artur and Ida also set up in the bear making business, it is thought, in the late 1920’s.

The company traded as 'Be-Ha' until after the second world war when it was reorganised to become Hermann Teddy Original (Gebuder Hermann KG)

Their red tag identifies these Hermann bears. The company produced quality bears and other plush animals. It introduced its collector series in the 1980's designed in house and moved on to commission bear artists to design teddy bears for them.

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Hermann - Spielwaren

Max, another son of Artur, branched out from the main company in the 1920's to produce his own designs.

In 1947, his son, Rolf-Gerhard joined the company and the company changed it’s name from Max Hermann to Hermann and Sonn.

After WWII the family worked in the US zone of Germany but by 1953 had completely moved its operations to Coburg.

These Hermann teddy bears are identifiable by their Green swing tags which were introduced in 1968. They then changed the style of these tags in 1977 to include the new company name which had now been registered as Hermann-Spielwaren GmbH.

The company has gone from strength to strength producing its first collector's series in house. In the 1980's they also commissioned teddy bear artists to design for them.

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