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All of the contents, software and information provided on this website is owned by, CymruTed Design or CymruTed Collectable Bears and respective copyright holders, unless specified otherwise.

None of the information on or any of the related CymruTed web sites or any of its related services may be reproduced, copied or distributed in any form whatsoever, electronic, digital or otherwise, without specific written permission from CymruTed Collectable Bears or CymruTed Design.

We are sorry for the above “official-ese” but there have been several occasions when less than honest website owners have been found with our designs, pictures and information and even word for word copies of material on their websites that have been stolen from this website - often without any credit or return link.

We have worked hard to create this website and the information so - if you want info or pictures - then please, get in touch and ASK us!

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