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 Teddy Bear Making Skill Centre

Some useful hints and tips about teddy bear making.

We have thought about just how much information we had to learn before we started to make teddy bears and how much more we had to learn before we started to be satisfied with the quality of what was produced. We hope to build up a good basic primer on making teddies - suggestions on what you would like to see here are welcome.

 Teddy Bear Making Basics

The basic tools - Some of the tools that you may need
Bear making expressions - What are they talking about?
Fabrics - an overview
Fillings - High quality polyfibre from Camtex Ltd
Patterns - laying out
Sewing up - Joining your pieces

 Teddy Bear Care

Some hints and tips on caring for your teddy bear

 CymruTed’s Teddy Bear Bookstore

Find your Teddy Bear Books here - in association with Amazon UK Online Bookstore. We have a look at popular available books on the subject of Dolls and Teddy Bears - from making to collecting and story books.

 A Look At Welsh Love Spoons

A brief look at these Welsh curios. Welsh Lovespoons are a gift of love or affection, they are used for many occasions where romance is in the air, from engagements to weddings, anniversaries to birthdays, friendship or valentine, christenings and even parting gifts and Christmas presents, in fact any occasion when someone wants to show that they care for someone - in a thoughtful, romantic or loving way.

Teddy Bear People and Companies - Alphabetical Listing...
Wendy Boston
John Bratton
Chad Valley
Janet Changfoot
Deans Rag Book Company
Grisly Speilwaren
Gund The American giant
Hermann, Hermann Speilwaren, Gebruder Hermann, Hermann Teddy Original
Jimmy Kennedy who wrote the words to the song Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Teddy Bears’ Picnic music by John W Bratton and the lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy

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Where, and how, the Teddy Bear was born
What happened to the Teddy Bear next
Some people who had a major influence on the design of the Teddy Bear
For the fact hounds... A Teddy Bear Timeline
The Lyrics (and music) to the famous song - Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Some interesting facts about picnics, the music, Jimmy Kennedy, John W Bratton...
Teddy Love ... our ongoing love affair with the Teddy Bear

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