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We were so fed up with buying polyfibre that is just terrible quality, which either packs down rock hard or is so springy or goes so lumpy, that it is useless, even from some good suppliers and bear shops that we went hunting for a good quality, guaranteed, flame retardant, consistent standard, polyester fibre. Having found it, manufactured in Great Britain, we can now highly recommend Camtex Ltd.

Camtex website linkAll the polyester fibre is Superior Quality - guaranteed CLUMP and LUMP FREE delivered in sealed units of 500 grams up to the weight you require, enabling easier usage without spoiling or spills. Camtex Tag and website link

Camtex also include with your order attractive, ready strung swing tags showing BS and CE Quality Symbols which are FREE with every order, ready to attach to your finished creations - it also shows your customers that you care about their health and safety!

Especially suited to the traditional bear maker and provides a more solid feel for firmer bears

A super soft handle, high recovery, hollow filling with. excellent fill power which is suitable for all applications.

A super, springy filling with a soft feel with a high loft. An excellent choice for cuddly soft toys and upholstery, also the most popular!

CymruTed Comment...

We can highly recommend these fillings from Camtex Ltd - in fact, we are so pleased with the quality, that we now use CAMFILL exclusively in all our bear fillings where polyfibre or fibrefill is called for.

In our dealings with the company, we have nothing but praise for their service which has been quick and efficient - the people are nice too!

We have also found that, buying direct from the manufacturer, bought in reasonable quantities, it is no more expensive and sometimes cheaper that the often inferior products offered from some mail order suppliers, bear shops and discount fabric suppliers. 

We also considered our customers - being able to offer a high quality, guaranteed, repeatable, hypo-allergenic filling, made to British Standards (BS5852) was considered to be bonus for us and makes an extra statement about the quality and standards of our bears - CymruTed


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