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Teddy Bear History
Teddy Bear Identification - Fakes

Teddy Bear History > Bear Identification > Fakes ...

Fake Teddy Bears ...

If you are thinking of trying to identify or buy an apparently “old” teddy bear you should remember that there are an increasing number of fakes on the market. 

Fake bears are likely to match many of the descriptions mentioned in other sections, namely... hunch backs, long noses, big feet, long arms, manufacturers distinctive style - some are easily fooled.

One (cautious) method we use is our noses - sniff a genuine wood wool stuffed antique bear. They will have a lovely old bear smell. You will know what we mean when you find it.

They however, should not be confused with "artist" bears which can often be heavily and quite expertly aged.

These bears do not pretend to be old unless they have got into the hands of the unscrupulous. 

Beware of an, apparently old, teddy bear lying in a box at a boot or garage sale!

The best antidote to being taken in by these charlatans is to arm yourself with a bit of understanding and knowledge about the type and style of bear you are considering purchasing or have inherited.

Clues - Looking at your teddy bear for clues to its identity

Build - Looking at its construction for clues to its identity

Fakes - is your bear a fake? Some hints.

Books - You can spend hundreds on books

Experts - Who are the real experts

Facts - Some ideas about writing down your facts

Alphabetical Listings...
Wendy Boston
John W Bratton
Chad Valley 
Janet Changfoot
Deans Rag Book Company
Grisly Speilwaren 
Gund The American giant 
Hermann, Hermann Speilwaren, Gebruder Hermann, Hermann Teddy Original 
Jimmy Kennedy who wrote the words to the song Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Teddy Bears’ Picnic music by John W Bratton and the lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy

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