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Welcome to my CymruTed Collectible Bears website... This is the home of the Welsh Lady teddy bear which is series of beautiful mohair bears, all dressed in our rendition of the Welsh national costume



Hello, my name is Christine and I live in Great Britain on the beautiful North Wales coast surrounded by beaches, hills and the fantastic Snowdonia mountain scenery. I work full time as a Teaching Assistant in an infant school and make my bears in the school holidays and some of my spare time. 

As you can see, my specialty bear is “The Welsh Lady” for obvious reasons! Many of my bears are created as commissions which are very personal to my customers. Others have been made for our shops and for charity or for my own personal collection.

My interest in craft work began early when I watched my Grandmother make many beautiful things, especially beaded curtains and lampshades, velvet cushions and many embroidered items. I developed an interest in soft toys, patchwork and quilt embroidery. I studied Interior Design and began to produce colour schemes, room plans and soft furnishing for my own home as well as for family and friends. 

My other hobbies include renovating and painting old furniture, hand dye fabrics, beach and hill walks and my garden.

The Welsh Lady Teddy Bear - Angharad

They say that there is a bear somewhere for everyone and I hope that you love the bears that we have on display here on the website as much as I do. Teddy Bears seem to bring out the gentle side of human nature and even the hard hearted has been heard to softly say “aaahh! at the sight of a particularly appealing teddy’s face.

Cymru is one of the names for the country of Wales, which is part of Great Britain or the United Kingdom so Cymru Ted has a meaning of “Welsh Bears” or “Bears from Wales.” 

The original Cymru Ted first saw the light of day as a mascot for an online bulletin board service called ‘Cymru Tel’ which flourished in the late 80’s. Although the online database is sadly now gone, it can be said that the vision of Cymru Tel lives on.

From the home page, you will find a wonderful world of teddy bears and there are now museums of bears that were created in previous years and which have been adopted. There is a Directory of teddy bear people in or near to Wales, in Europe, The Americas and others from around the world.

We have a Skill Centre which offers some basic teddy bear making advice, a Teddy Bear History area where you can find all sorts of interesting facts about the teddy bear world, Welsh Lovespoons and also a Web Design Centre where we not only offer our design services but also lots of advice on creating your very own web site on the internet.

Finally... please do contact us if you have any queries about any of our bears. You will find a postbox on almost every page and if you do get totally lost - we have created a site map to help you find your page.


This page has been translated into: Welsh - German - French

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