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Unique, collectable and traditional teddy bears and Welsh Lovespoons that are great Christmas wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation or valentine gifts or presents that can be personalised to your needs. Made to the highest standards of Welsh art and craft work, our Teddy Bears are sure to become cherished for many years, even a lifetime, when given with love to someone you care about.

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  The Welsh Lady teddy bear

The Welsh Lady Teddy Bear is a unique 12 inch mohair teddy bear who is dressed in our version of the Welsh national costume with the traditional tall black hat, welsh wool shawl and lace edged black skirt... see more

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Latest - Boyds Bears

Where it all started...
There are two versions of where the idea of a fur teddy bear toy started but where it got its name from is undisputed - US President “Teddy” Roosevelt in 1902
plus more great new additions

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Some hints and tips on caring for your teddy bear
Bear Identification

Welsh Love Spoon Centre

What does a heart and a wheel carved into the handle of a Lovespoon mean?
We take a look at
Welsh Lovespoon symbols

Love Spoon LS13 - link to lovespoon symbols
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